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Navigation Tips

The Center's Web site addresses the needs of many different audiences; it is comprised of a large number of pages which are divided into various directories and subdirectories according to function. Acknowledging the complexity of our site, we have included extensive navigation menus on every page that allow visitors to jump between sections. It is very important to us that visitors with disabilities also be able to navigate our site as effectively as possible, so we have taken several measures toward that end as well.

Our Web site performs optimally with Freedom Scientific's JAWS for Windows, version 6.0, but it can still be successfully navigated with earlier versions and other screen readers such as WindowEyes and ZoomText. In addition to accessing text content, adaptive technology users can also take advantage of interactive features on our site such as conducting searches and making purchases. We have started making JAWS software available for use in some of our libraries, free of charge. To check on the availability of JAWS at the Foundation Center library closest to you, go to the section entitled, "Services in Our Library/Learning Centers for People with Disabilities." We have used JAWS software for testing purposes at the suggestion of colleagues in the field who identified it as widely used and capable of interfacing with sophisticated Web sites such as ours. However, the Center does not endorse specific products.

Known Issues and Solutions

There are two known issues on our Web site that could potentially pose a problem for users of adaptive software. One of these is the drop-down global navigation menus and the expanding directory-specific menus on every page of our site. Although JAWS can successfully process these to some extent, they are long, so reading them is time-consuming. The other issue of concern on our Web site is the numerous Adobe Acrobat/PDF files containing statistical data tables in our Researching Philanthropy area. Although JAWS is capable of reading tables, the complexity of these is such that the screen reader's interpretation of the data often does not correspond perfectly with its intended presentation.

As a solution to the menu issue, we have embedded a special link into the beginning of each page that allows users of adaptive software to skip past the menus directly to the main content in the body of each page. At the end of each page is a shorter list of text-only links to the primary areas of our site.

Adaptive technology users will have the greatest success navigating our tables with Adobe Acrobat version 7.0 installed on their machines. JAWS users who are unfamiliar with table navigation keystrokes are advised to visit the California Community Colleges' High Tech Center Training Unit "Navigating Tables" page. If these measures are of no further help and you require access to specific data contained within our PDF tables, contact our Online Librarian or your nearest Foundation Center field office, as described in the section entitled, "Services in Our Library/Learning Centers for People with Disabilities."
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