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Giving Circles

Atlanta, GA
February 8, 2007

Pattie Johnson Often described as "social investment clubs," giving circles are groups of people pooling their resources with colleagues and/or friends who share a common interest in a social cause or issue. Most giving circles are organized around a particular issue or area of interest, such as women's issues, local communities, or education, and are considered a high-engagement form of philanthropy because donors engage in collective decision-making. Together, donors gain an in-depth understanding of a specific interest area, focus on ways the group can have an impact, make joint social investment decisions, and leverage monetary contributions with volunteerism and expertise to the nonprofits supported.

Danielle Hicks In this session, co-sponsored by Southeastern Council of Foundations, Danielle Hicks, assistant director of new ventures at the Forum of Regional Associations of Grantmakers in Washington, DC, presents the results of the Forum's research about the growth of giving circles as a viable model for engaging new and traditional philanthropists. The Forum's Toolkit for Giving Circles is reviewed, which is a valuable primer for jump-starting giving circles and providing ongoing support for giving circle participants.

Daryl Lester Also, Daryl Lester of Hindsight Consulting gives practical insight into starting and running a giving circle. As the founding partner at Hindsight, Daryl has helped start nine circles, an experience that he details in this presentation. This webcast combines recorded video of the presentation along with corresponding Power Point slides.

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