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Meet the Grantmakers: Focus on Young Foundations

San Francisco, CA
May 22, 2008

Segment 1: Welcome & Introductions


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Running time: 2:17

This edition of Meet the Grantmakers features grantmaking institutions that have been established within the last ten years. It includes information on how newly established foundations operate differently than more established ones, what informs change in new foundations, and how these foundations select the organizations they support.


  • Joel Bashevkin, west coast regional director, Taproot Foundation
  • Cedric Brown, grants director, Mitchell Kapor Foundation
  • Jocelyn Yin, community investment officer, ZeroDivide

View segments:

Segment 1: Welcome and introductions [2:17]

Segment 2: Funding priorities [9:15]

Segment 3: "New philanthropy" and younger donors [13:13]

Segment 4: The role of technology [12:11]

Segment 5: Change in early-stage foundations[14:18]

Segment 6: How to approach young foundations [17:32]

Segment 7: What the future holds [9:01]

Segment 8: Moderated question & answer session [31:02]
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