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Foundations Respond to the
Economic Crisis

This map displays the distribution of more than $450 million in foundation grants to aid those affected by the downturn. Drill down to see the details.

Headlines From
Philanthropy News Digest

    Local Funding Information Centers

    The Foundation Center provides free funding information through network of 450 "cooperating collections" — libraries, community foundations, and other nonprofit resource centers across the country. Use this map to locate a Cooperating Collection near you.

    PubHub Reports

    Reports from PubHub relating to the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

    What's Ahead for EHRs: Experts Weigh In
    February 2012

    Outlines findings from interviews with experts in the healthcare and informatics industries about the evolution of, prospects for, and unintended consequences of electronic health records adoption and meaningful use certification. Explores next steps.

    Philadelphia's Workforce Development Challenge: Serving Employers, Helping Job Seekers and Fixing the System
    January 2012

    Based on interviews, a review of internal audits and reports, and a statistical comparison with similar, federally mandated programs in other regions, examines Philadelphia's workforce development performance, operations, and challenges from 2006-11.

    In Their Own Words

    Foundation Giving Forecast

    Many foundations have publicly announced their plans for how they will respond to the economic crisis. We've compiled an overview of these announcements and related news from the Center's Philanthropy News Digest and other sources.

    Research Advisory

    Moving Beyond the Economic Crisis: Foundations Assess the Impact and Their Response

    November 2010
    Steven Lawrence, the Foundation Center's director of research, looks at anticipated changes in foundation giving in 2011, after remaining flat in 2010, and which changes made by foundations as a result of the economic crisis are expected to persist.

    Philanthropy In/Sight: Detroit

    Use this interactive map to visualize who's giving and who's getting grants in metropolitan Detroit, a region of the U.S. hit hard by the recession.


    Promoting an "Open Society" in the Midst of Recession

    June 10, 2010
    Ann Beeson, executive director of U.S. Programs at the Open Society Institute (OSI), discusses the steps OSI has taken to address the effects of the economic downturn, and the concept of "open society" as it relates to the United States.

    Effects of the Economic Downturn on Alaska Nonprofits

    May 13, 2010
    Diane Kaplan, president of the Rasmuson Foundation, discusses the the impact of the economic downturn on nonprofits in Alaska and the foundation's role as the largest private funder in the state.
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