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Poverty - Economic Crisis in the U.S.

Economic Crisis in the U.S.


“[We]...are in the midst of an unprecedented crisis. More people are seeking help, but the cost of providing services is rising while funding from financially strapped state and local governments is dropping.”
— Emmett Carson, President, Silicon Valley Community Foundation


American foundations have committed almost $174 million to nearly 1,300 organizations in response to the economic downturn
— Foundation Center, “Focus on the Economic Crisis,” April 2, 2009


How can we address the most pressing concerns associated with the economic crisis?


Create an emergency fund to help community organizations meet immediate needs of families and individuals, such as housing, health care, and transportation
— Otto Bremer Foundation

Case Study

Bremer Emergency Fund
  • Funded by the Otto Bremer Foundation (MN) in response to the economic crisis, with added support from Bremer Bank
  • Bremer Foundation has made poverty relief a priority of its 2009 funding


  • Distributed $4.2 million to 81 community organizations in Minnesota, North Dakota, and Wisconsin
  • Funds went to families and individuals for emergency needs and to retain housing or jobs

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