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Catalog of Nonprofit Literature: Guided Tour

Other Features

Searching by Publisher
Use this field to limit search results to materials published by a specified publisher. For example, if you wanted to retrieve all publications in the database from Jossey Bass, select this term in the Publisher index, paste it on the search form, and click Submit Search.

Targeting Your Search by Year of Publication
To search by year of publication, type the year (i.e. 2000) in the corresponding search box. To search by more than one year, separate each year of publication by a slash / (i.e. 1999/2000).

To search a range of years, use a full colon (i.e. 1997:2000). You may also use the greater than (>) or lesser than (<) symbols. For example, typing ">1997" will retrieve records published after 1997.

Sample search:
You would like to identify materials on the latest funding trends of foundations.

Search strategy:
Select "Funding trends" from the subject index, then paste it on the search form. In the Years' search box, type "1999:2000".

Click Submit Search.

This search will retrieve materials published in 1999 and 2000.

Targeting Your Search by Record Type and Library Location
To limit your search to a specified record type (i.e. book, article, video recording), open the Record type drop-down list and make your selection.

You can also specify the holdings at Foundation Center headquarters in New York, or one of four field offices in Atlanta, Cleveland, San Francisco and Washington, D.C. by using the Library location field.

Sample search:
You would like to identify video recordings on planned giving, which are housed in the Foundation Center library in Atlanta.

Search strategy:
Select "Video recording" from the Record type drop-down menu, then select "Atlanta" from the Library location drop-down menu. Open the subject index and type "planned giving", then click Go to. Paste this term on the search form.

Click Submit Search.
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