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International Data Relations

Building the global data platform for philanthropy is part of the Foundation Center's 2020 strategic plan. We are building global partnerships to provide data and knowledge to grantmakers, nonprofits, NGOs, researchers, and the public. News about our products and services is available here.

Current Project: SDGfunders

SDGfunders is a web portal under development for the Post-2015 Partnership Platform for Philanthropy to track philanthropy's contributions to the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and future Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The portal facilitates effective collaboration and strategic decision-making for philanthropic and multilateral organizations funding international development work and encourages innovative partnerships encompassing a wide variety of stakeholders. For more information about this project in the lead up to the launch of, please visit our interim website SDGfunders: Behind the Scenes. This site provides key updates, documents, and photos related to the project in addition to some background points about the partnership and web platform.

Our Team

Foundation Center's International Data Relations team conducts interviews with regional experts, provide research, and manage complex data to provide the most complete picture possible of the global philanthropic landscape.

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Global Data Partners

The Foundation Center works with grantmakers, multilateral organizations, data providers, and philanthropic infrastructure organizations around the world. Some of our partners are listed here.


Worldwide Initiatives for Grantmaker Support

WINGS Global Philanthropy Data Charter




Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development

OECD Guidelines for Effective Philanthropic Engagement

Read the press release


United Nations Development Program


China Foundation Center


Alternativas y Capacidades

Pakistan Centre for Philanthropy

Pakistan Centre for Philanthropy


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