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Learn About Nonprofit Management

We publish books and offer training courses, both online and in the classroom at various levels, to help learn to run your nonprofit organization effectively and achieve your organization's mission.

Full-Day Classroom Training Courses

Proposal Writing Boot Camp
This three-day intensive series provides essential training on the skills that grantseekers need to become effective proposal writers: crafting a compelling proposal package, developing a well-organized budget, and researching a targeted list of foundation funding prospects. $295.00

Securing Corporate Partnerships
This course will help you understand what your organization has to offer corporate partnerships and how to prepare your approach. $295.00

Basic Classroom Training Courses


Before You Seek a Grant: A Checklist for New Nonprofits
Teaches the characteristics of successful nonprofits and helps new nonprofits determine if they are ready to approach foundations for funding.

Introduction to Fundraising Planning
An introduction to the development of a fundraising plan for organizations unfamiliar with the process.

Your Board and Fundraising: An Introductory Course for Small Nonprofits
Teaches small nonprofit organizations how to actively engage their boards in the fundraising process.

Online Training Courses

Getting Ready for Foundation Fundraising
An overview of the first steps nonprofits need to take to become viable, effective organizations in preparation for fundraising. Free

Introduction to Fundraising Planning
Learn to develop a fundraising plan that includes a variety of revenue sources for your nonprofit organization. Free

Online Guides and Tutorials

Establishing a Nonprofit Organization
(Available in English and Spanish)
Describes how establish a nonprofit organization task by task, including board development, creating bylaws, filing for federal tax exemption, recruiting staff, and developing a fundraising plan. Free



Before You Seek a Grant: A Checklist for New Nonprofits
This webinar employs a step-by-step checklist approach to assist community groups or new nonprofits increase their readiness to approach foundations for funding.

Introduction to Fundraising Planning
This session will introduce participants to strategies for devising a fundraising plan that best reflects their organization's needs and resources.

Books About Nonprofit Management

After the Grant: The Nonprofit's Guide to Good Stewardship

This book provides expert advice on effectively managing grant funds, developing a productive relationship with funders, and positioning your organization for further grant funding in the future.

- Order This Book

The 21st Century Nonprofit

The second edition of this popular title explores the increasing emphasis on nonprofit governance, including accountability, transparency, and responsibility.

- Order This Book

Wise Decision-Making in Uncertain Times: Using Nonprofit Resources Effectively

A follow-up to Effective Economic Decision-Making by Nonprofit Organizations. Examines the challenges faced by nonprofits since 9/11 and explores new strategies for using resources effectively.

- Order This Book

Effective Economic Decision-Making by Nonprofit Organizations

Practical guidelines to help nonprofits maximize their resources. Experts explore the decisions that face all organizations and provide solutions that work for nonprofits of any size.

- Abridged Online Free
- Order This Book

The Board Member's Book

A guide to the issues facing a nonprofit and its board. Learn about the board chairperson's role, standards of board performance, and evaluation.

- Abridged Online Free
- Order This Book

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