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Topical Resource Lists

Fundraising for Hospitals or Health Organizations:
A Resource List

As medical costs continue to rise, maintaining your hospital's fiscal health is more important than ever. This resource list, which contains citations to selected works from the Foundation Center's bibliographic database, Catalog of Nonprofit Literature, will help you explore emerging trends in health philanthropy and assist you with developing a fundraising strategy for your organization. For complete bibliographies on related topics, search Catalog of Nonprofit Literature, using headings such as Hospitals or Health Care in the Subject field. See also Fundraising For Health: A Resource List for more information in specific fields such as AIDS or medical research.


Fitzpatrick, Joyce J. and Sandra S. Deller. Fundraising Skills for Health Care Executives. New York, NY: Springer Publishing Company, Inc., 2000. ix, 193 p. Call Number: 710 FIT
A handbook describing the elementary principles of fundraising of various types, including planned giving, private funding, capital campaigns, and individual giving. Provides case studies related to donations to nursing schools. Extensive resource lists are appended. Indexed.

Gitlin, Laura N. and Kevin J. Lyons. Successful Grant Writing: Strategies for Health and Human Service Professionals. 3rd ed. New York, NY: Springer Publishing Company, Inc., 2008. xxii, 401 p. Call Number: 770 GIT
Covers numerous aspects of proposal development and grantsmanship including identifying competitive projects, composing a budget, and grants management for both public and private agencies. Indexed.

Miller, Lorne S. Fundraising for the Elderly: A Development Primer for Homes for the Aged, Long-Term Care Facilities, and Seniors' Centres. Toronto, Canada: Lorne Miller & Associates, Inc., 2003. 153 p. ISBN: 0-9688251-1-7. Call Number: 142 MIL
Covers the full range of development tasks from creating a case statement, researching the donor base, recruiting volunteers, donor recognition, strategic planning, special events, and planned giving. Includes worksheets.

Phelan, Joseph F. A Dynamic Foundation for Fund Raising: A Guide to Organizing or Reorganizing an Institutionally Related Foundation. Washington, DC: Council for Advancement and Support of Education, 2004. xiv, 160 p. ISBN: 0-89964-379-5. Call Number: 570 PHE
According to the author, there are probably more than 4,000 affiliated foundations in the nation today, providing support for universities, museums, hospitals, and other nonprofit organizations. The book explains the process of creating an affiliated foundation, from devising a mission and governance structures to planning.


Foundation Center. Grants for Mental Health, Addictions and Crisis Services. New York, NY: Foundation Center, annual.
Lists more than 6,300 grants from more than 880 foundations for psychiatric hospitals; mental health centers and clinics; hotline/crisis intervention services; alcohol, drug and substance abuse prevention and treatment programs; mental health counseling and support groups; family, pastoral, and bereavement counseling; addictive disorders; Alzheimer's disease; services for the autistic, developmentally and learning disabled; and public education and research. Grants are indexed by recipient name, location, and subject.

Foundation Center. Grants for People With Disabilities. New York, NY: Foundation Center, annual.
Lists more than 8,200 grants more made by approximately 940 foundations for Alzheimer's disease, arthritis, autism, blindness, cerebral palsy, deafness, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, Parkinson's disease, prevention information, diagnosis and evaluation, education, family counseling, general care, hospitals, medical and dental care, primary care facilities, rehabilitation, vocational training, schools, and scholarships. Grants are indexed by recipient name, location, and subject.

Surveys and Reports

The Effect of the Economic Recession on Health Care Philanthropy. [Falls Church, VA]: Association for Healthcare Philanthropy, 2008. 18 p.
Presents the results of a member survey conducted in early December 2008 by the Association of Healthcare Philanthropy.

Hubbell, Gary J. Forces of Change: The Coming Challenge in Hospital Philanthropy. Falls Church, VA: Association for Healthcare Philanthropy, 2004. 46 p. Call Number: 227 HUB
Intersecting trends may lead to a downturn in giving to hospitals in the years between 2010 and 2030, according to research by the author. He begins with an overview of the current situation in the hospital industry (specifically nonprofit community hospitals). Hubbell compares his findings on donor behavior to the work of Paul Schervish and others. With bibliographical references.

Report on Giving: USA. Falls Church, VA: Association for Healthcare Philanthropy, annual. 16 p.
Statistics are based on an online survey completed by American members of the Association of Healthcare Philanthropy, and document the following types of giving: cash, securities, pledges and planned gifts, non-monetary gifts, endowment income and investments.

Related Materials

Costa, Nick G. "Integrating Fundraising into Finance." New Directions for Philanthropic Fundraising, vol. 49 (Fall 2005): p. 13-27.
In hospitals, disagreements can arise between the finance and development departments due to various pressures. Costa recommends specific approaches that can anticipate or alleviate these conflicts.

Falk, Stephen C. "Maximizing Fundraising's Strategic Contribution." New Directions for Philanthropic Fundraising, vol. 49 (Fall 2005): p. 3-12.
The vice president for philanthropy at Northwestern Memorial Foundation (Chicago, IL) recounts how he links fundraising with the strategic plan of the hospital, noting some caveats.

Hall, Frank R. "The Fundraising CEO." New Directions for Philanthropic Fundraising, vol. 49 (Fall 2005): p. 43-50.
Advice as it relates to hospital and health care administrators, specifying the multiple roles played by the CEO.

Preston, Caroline. "Up Close and Personal: Full-Day Visit to Hospital Opens Doors to Potential Donors." Chronicle of Philanthropy, vol. 20 (29 November, 2007): p. 19-21.
A profile of the annual event Children's Up-Close, held at the Akron Children's Hospital in Ohio. The hospital invites community leaders to spend a full day shadowing a doctor and learning about the hospital's work. As a result, the hospital aims to build strong relationships with participants who may become donors, and inspire current donors to contribute more.

VanDerhoef, Michael K. "A New Case for Support: Transforming Health Care." AHP Journal, (Fall 2008): p. 8-9, 11, 13-4.
Provides an overview of the Virginia Mason Foundation's $100 million campaign for the Virginia Mason Medical Center. The campaign focused on the Center's efforts to offer better quality care while reducing costs.

Internet Resources

Foundation Directory Online
Search the Foundation Center's comprehensive database of U.S. grantmakers and grants for funders that have an interest in hospitals, hospices, and other health organizations.

Association for Healthcare Philanthropy
The organization provides resources geared toward fundraising professionals in the health care field. Web site contains conference information, guides, and articles.

Grantmakers In Health (GIH)
While GIH's mission is to support foundations and corporate giving programs, grantseekers should browse the reports and bulletins to keep abreast of health funding trends.
The federal government's portal for grant opportunities for state and local governments, nonprofits and academia can be browsed by subject, including health.
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