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Topical Resource Lists

International Directories of Foundations:
A Resource List

The Foundation Center specializes in collecting and disseminating authoritative information on American foundations. Other organizations and publishers have compiled directories of foundations and philanthropies for other regions and countries. Listed below are international, regional, and country-specific directories, and information about their contents.


Europa International Foundation Directory. London, England: Routledge, annual.
Includes information on more than 2,500 organizations in approximately 100 countries. Arranged alphabetically by country, each entry notes the foundation's name in its native language followed by an English translation, year founded, and founding person or organization; activities, publications, and finances if available (assets and grantmaking expenditures in native country's currency); board of trustees; officers; address with e-mail; and telephone, telex, and fax numbers. Introduction has an historical overview of foundations.

Grantmakers Online Lingfield, Great Britain: Chapel & York Limited.
This online directory provides information on international foundations by country, geographical focus, giving interests. It also serves as a social networking tool for nonprofit organizations.

Guide to Funding for International and Foreign Programs. New York, NY: Foundation Center, annual.
The directory provides information for close to 2,000 U.S. grantmaking foundations, corporate giving programs, and public charities that have shown a substantial interest in international and foreign programs, either as part of their stated purpose or through actual grants totaling over $4 billion.

Haley, Peter (ed.) Directory of American Grantmakers 2008-2009: American Grantmakers that Fund Charitable Organisations and Individuals Outside the USA. 4th ed. Lingfield, United Kingdom: Chapel & York Limited, 2007.
The directory includes foundations that accept proposals from organizations and individuals outside the United States, and also profiles multi-national companies. Indexed by giving interests.

WINGS Membership Map. Quezon City, The Philippines: Worldwide Initiatives for Grantmaker Support.
Worldwide Initiatives for Grantmaker Support (WINGS) is a coordinating network for support and membership organizations that serve grantmakers around the world. The map can be used to locate regional grantmaker associations in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, Middle East and North America. These groups often post membership lists which can be used to identify funders.

World Guide to Foundations. Sydney, Australia: Asia Pacific Infoserv, annual.
Lists major national and international foundations, NGOs and other charitable and grant-making organizations located in six continents. Includes contact details and grouped by country.

Zils, Michael (ed.) World Guide to Foundations, 3rd ed. Munich: K. G. Saur, 2004.
Presents brief entries on foundations located all over the world. Volume 1 covers foundations in Europe. Volume 2 includes grantmakers in Africa, America, Asia, and Oceania. Directories are organized alphabetically within countries. Entries contain, when available, foundation name, address, telephone and fax numbers, e-mail address, Web address, year of establishment, chairman, manager, assets, annual income and expenses, restrictions, and areas of focus. Indexed by foundation name and subject.


Directory of African Foundations. Sydney, Australia : Asia Pacific Infoserv, annual.
Lists major national and international foundations, NGOs and other charitable and grant-making organizations located in Africa. Includes contact details and indexed by geographical area of operation and main activities.

Search for Funding. New York: Africa Grantmakers' Affinity Group.
Search feature provides basic information on the geographic and thematic areas in Africa where AGAG members have programs.

Asia Pacific
Directory of Asia Pacific Foundations. Sydney, Australia: Asia Pacific Infoserv, annual.
Lists major national and international foundations, NGOs and other charitable and grantmaking organizations located in the Asia-Pacific region. Includes contact details and indexed by geographical area of operation and main activities.

Directory of Asia Pacific Grantmakers. Lingfield, Great Britain: Chapel & York Limited, 2007.
Profiles 900 grantmakers in 19 Asia Pacific countries: Australia, Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, Tibet and Vietnam.

Donor Database. ProPoor, a service of
ProPoor provides information, resources and news about development work in South Asia. The donor database lists donor agencies in South Asia and elsewhere that distribute funds for projects in that region.

Directory of European Grantmakers. Lingfield, Great Britain: Chapel & York Limited, biennial.
Profiles of grantmakers in Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, and the United Kingdom.

European Foundations and Grant-Making NGOs. London, England: Europa Publications, 2004.
Lists some 2,000 major national and international foundations, NGOs and other charities. Organized by country and indexed.

European Foundations Directory. Sydney, Australia: Asia Pacific Infoserv, annual.
Lists major national and international foundations, NGOs and other charitable and grantmaking organizations located in Europe. Includes contact details and indexed by geographical area of operation and main activities.

Independent Funding: A Directory of Foundation and Corporate Members of the European Foundation Centre. Brussels, Belgium: European Foundation Centre, 2006.
Directory of 158 profiles of the foundation and corporate members of the European Foundation Centre. Of these, 144 are foundations, while 5 are direct corporate funders. Profiles include funder name and primary address, key contact, background and mission, geographic focus, program areas, types of grants awarded, restrictions, application information, governance, and fiscal data. Indexed by country of principal office, subject, geographic focus, population, types of support, and alternative name. Includes glossary and bibliographic references. EFC member profiles can also be found on their site (

Latin America
Directorio de Cooperación Internacional. RACI/Red Argentina para la Cooperación Internacional (Argentine Network for International Cooperation).
This online directory provides information on funding sources and other support for civil society organizations in Latin America and other regions.

Latin America Donor Index. AVINA and the Office of Outreach and Partnerships of the Inter-American Development Bank.
Contains information on foundations and other private grantmakers from the United States, Europe and Latin America. Ability to search by organization type, geographic focus, and funding areas.

Specific Countries

Australian Directory of Philanthropy. Melbourne: Philanthropy Australia.
Information for over 350 corporate funders, trusts, and foundations detailing their fields of interest, contact information, summary of purpose, geographical scope, legal limitations, grant restrictions and application procedures.

Canadian Directory to Foundations & Corporations. Toronto: Imagine Canada.
Directory of more than 3,000 Canadian foundations as well as U.S. foundations that give in Canada searchable by funding interests, grant recipients, application deadlines, type of support, granting region, and other criteria.

Links to Finnish Foundations. Council of Finnish Foundations.
Listing of links to Finnish grantmaking foundations and associations.

German Foundation Index
Provides links to more than 1,200 homepages of German foundations. The site includes a resource list and bibliography about German foundations, and a geographical search feature.
Great Britain
Directory of Grant Making Trusts, London: Directory of Social Change, biennial.
A directory of over 2,500 British grantmaking trusts. The contents include a list of the top trusts and an explanation of the directory. Part 1 lists the trusts that have either given to a charity working within the area identified or where an entry indicates that the trustees may consider an appropriate application. Part 2 lists the major fields supported by grantmaking trusts under subject headings. Part 3 classifies the trusts by the types of support provided. Part 4 gives an alphabetical list of the trusts. Entries include the trust title, year established, registration number, contact information, trustees, restrictions, beneficial area, finances, type of grant and beneficiary, application information, publications, and notes.

GuideStar Israel. Israel: NPTech–-Technologies for Nonprofit Organizations.
Search for Israeli charitable organizations by a variety of criteria. Ability to limit searches to organizations that award grants.

Center for Global Partnership Grants Database & Grantee Publication Database. Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership.
The database contains grants from 1991 to the present and is updated annually.

Links of Japanese Grant-Making Foundations. Tokyo: Japan Foundation Center.
List of Japanese grantmakers with links to their web sites. The Japan Foundation Center was established by private foundations in Japan to provide authoritative information on Japanese foundations that award grants, prizes and scholarships.

Directorio de Instituciones Filantropicas. (Directory of Philanthropic Institutions). Mexico City, Mexico: Centro Mexicano para la Filantropia.
A searchable database containing entries for 12,500 philanthropic institutions in Mexico.

Fondos a la Vista
Searchable database of more than 22,000 Mexican philanthropies. Includes data from the Foundation Center.

Fondsenboek. The Hague, Netherlands: Association of Foundations in the Netherlands.
Links to several members of the Association of Foundations in the Netherlands. A list of FIN members is available online (

New Zealand
Membership List. Wellington, New Zealand: Philanthropy New Zealand.
List of New Zealand's leading private philanthropists, trusts, foundations, businesses, and community trusts, with some links to organization web sites.

Members' Listing. Madrid, Spain: Centro de Fundaciones
Searchable database of more than 650 Spanish foundations. Can search by name, location, and other criteria. Profiles link to foundation web sites.
Members' Directory. Bern, Switzerland: Swiss Foundations.
Listing of association members, profiles include mission statement and contact information.
Directory of 300 Major Foundations in Taiwan. Taipei: Himalaya Foundation.
Directory entries are also available online in both Chinese and English. Entries include contact information, sources and amounts of endowment, purpose statement, expenditures during the last three years, and staff.

Reports & Analysis

Index of Global Philanthropy and Remittances. Washington, DC: Hudson Institute, annual.
The annual report documents and measures giving overseas by the United States and other developed nations. Presents statistics and analyses on giving by governments, foundations, corporations, public charities, universities, religious organizations, volunteers, and remittances.

World Giving Index 2011: A Global View of Giving Trends. Kent, Great Britain: Charities Aid Foundation, 2011.
Report aims to help organizations and individuals with an interest in civil society by providing evidence on the extent of giving globally. It is based upon survey data carried out in 153 countries where individuals were asked about three specific charitable acts: donating money, volunteering, and helping strangers.
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