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21st-Century Community Foundations: A Question of Geography and Identity
21st-Century Community Foundations

In this "Leadership Series" paper at GrantCraft, a service of Foundation Center, Emmett Carson, CEO and president of Silicon Valley Community Foundation, provides a thoughtful examination of the changing definition of "community."

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Communication That Counts: Lessons From South African Social Investors
Communication That Counts

Developed in partnership with Tshikululu Social Investments, this new guide from GrantCraft, a service of Foundation Center, offers practical lessons in communicating for impact.

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New From IssueLab: Immigration Strategies
immigration services

IssueLab's latest special collection of evaluations, case studies, and lessons learned focuses on the effectiveness of strategies employed by those working toward improved immigration services and policies. It was made possible with support from The Atlantic Philanthropies. IssueLab is a service of Foundation Center.

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