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Electronic Grant Reporting

What is the Electronic Grant Reporting (eReporting) Program?

Foundation Center's Electronic Reporting Program enables grantmakers to quickly and easily share grants data with the field via the eGrant and hGrant Reporting standards.

The files received from grantmakers through the Program provide the field with more detailed, descriptive and accurate grants information than is otherwise available and gives funders control over what they are communicating about their work.

Beyond the Transaction Series:
HOW to Share and Benefit from Your Grants Data

Co-sponsored by the Forum of Regional Associations of Grantmakers, Grants Managers Network, and the Foundation Center, this series of short webinars focuses on how to produce eReports from your grants management software.

This is your chance to learn how to export important data to share with the sector via the Foundation Center — the field's trusted source of information on philanthropy worldwide — for inclusion in research, knowledge tools, and data visualizations aiming to help the sector be more strategic, collaborative, and ultimately, to have the greatest impact with limited resources.
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If your system is not included in the series, email Davis Parchment to see about setting up a demonstration.

Why Become an eReporter?

The eGrant and hGrant standards respond to a critical delay in information flows for and about philanthropy and allow for the data exchanges in close to real time. The eReporting program allows you to be clear and intentional about communicating your work while fueling new tools for improved decision-making with comprehensive and current information.

The eReporting Program allows grantmakers to:

  • make available richer, more descriptive, and accurate grants information
  • communicate information about a funder's most current grants to a wider audience through the Foundation Center's various research reports, online resources and licensed data sets
  • maintain greater control over descriptive tags that can be applied to each grant — which ultimately ensures greater accuracy in reporting
As the field becomes more strategic and tackles increasingly complex and ambitious social challenges, our ability to work effectively requires timely and accurate data. Whether it is answering the hard questions about the impact we are having or how we can better collaborate with other funders and members of the social sector, we need more information if we are to speak as a sector and collectively respond to specific issues. The richer the data available for our work is, the more we're all able to do with it.

Participants in the eReporting Program are provided with a Premium version of our newest mapping platform Foundation Maps that reflects your foundation's grantmaking activity. These complimentary maps benefit both internal and external stakeholders, and can be used by your staff, included in presentations to your board, or posted on your intranet or public web site.

eReporters are also recognized in Foundation Directory Online: funder profiles are marked with a special icon identifying them as a Program participant.

How do I Become an eReporter?

It's easy to share your grants data with the Foundation Center. Grantmakers have the option to:

  • submit a list of your most recent grants in Excel, including the basic required fields
  • create a file using the grants management software of one of our eReporting Partners
  • enable grants data to be pulled directly from your web site or feeds through the hGrant format

For more information about eReporting, contact Kati Neiheisel at or call (212) 807-3675.
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