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Topical Resource Lists for Grantmakers

Grantmaker Communication on the Web: A Topical Resource List

The following resources discuss if and how foundations should create web sites to communicate their message and assist in their mission.

Brotherton, David and Cynthia Scheiderer. Come On In, the Water's Fine: An Exploration of Web 2.0 Technology and Its Emerging Impact on Foundation Communications. Seattle, WA: Brotherton Strategies, 2008.
This study addresses the vital issues for foundations to consider when embracing Web 2.0 technology, such as their desired level of communication with the public, the generational digital divide, and various other questions. Emphasizes the importance of adopting Web 2.0 technologies sooner rather than later.

Community Philanthropy and Social Media: An Update. San Francisco, CA: Blueprint Research Design for Philanthropy, 2008.
Discusses the ways that new technological tools are being employed by community foundations. These include social bookmarks, GIS mapping, social networking web sites, and more. Available online

Curan, Catherine. "Philanthropy 2.0: Affluent Funders Rewrite Rules of Giving With New Internet Tools and Strategies." Worth, vol. 17 (April-May 2008): p. 56-60.
Describes how the Case Foundation and other funders are using online competitions and social networks to promote philanthropy and develop new ideas for social change.

Fulton, Joanna. "Social Media For Grantmakers."Australian Philanthropy, vol. 79 (Spring 2011): p. 17-9.
Author provides reasons why grantmakers should utilize social media (with a focus on Twitter), and answers questions raised by grantmakers who are considering using it in their communications efforts. She gives basic advice for getting started, lists five golden rules for expanding an organization's foray into social media, and discusses tracking tools.

Talking to Ourselves?: A Critical Look at Annual Reports in Foundation Communications. Naperville, IL: Communications Network, 2010.
This report on private foundation annual report practices and perspectives examines the annual report as a communication vehicle. When this study started in 2007, almost all reports were delivered in print, with a handful of pioneers publishing online. In 2008, it was found that while print reports were once a valued medium that helped increase foundation transparency, new online media, with its capacity for ongoing updates, had supplanted the need for annual publications. With web sites serving as the primary source of foundation communications, it appears the cost of highly produced reports has exceeded the benefits. Available online.

Wakefield, Daisy and Aphra Sklair. Philanthropy and Social Media. London, UK: Institute for Philanthropy, 2011.
Provides an introduction to social media for philanthropists and philanthropic organizations interested in the potential of these tools for achieving social impact. Section one discusses reasons to use social media, section two looks at the way foundations are investing in projects and organizations that use social media, and section three looks at how funders use it and offers a road map for engaging new technologies. Available online.
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