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Media Coverage

2011 Coverage


"Charity Begins at Home for American Billionaires," by Laurie Bennett, Forbes, December 25, 2011.
"Ending the Year With Fundamental Questions About Giving," by Hilda Vega, Alliance Magazine, December 22, 2011.
"Rebooting Philanthropy in Silicon Valley," by Claire Cain Miller, The New York Times, December 17, 2011.
"Foundation Giving to Hispanic Causes Remains Flat," by Noelle Barton, The Giveaway Blog, The Chronicle of Philanthropy, December 14, 2011.
"Donations Staying Closer to Home This Holiday Season," by Kathleen Kingsbury, Reuters, December 6, 2011.


"How to Prepare for Non-Profit Work," by Kerry Hannon, Forbes, November 25, 2011.
"To Advance Their Cause, Foundations Buy Stocks," by Stephanie Strom, The New York Times, November 24, 2011.
"Social-Justice Giving Hit Skids During Recession," by Caroline Preston, The Giveaway Blog, The Chronicle of Philanthropy, November 18, 2011.
"Finding Funding with the Foundation Center," by Ariel Gilbert-Knight, The TechSoup Blog, November 14, 2011.
"Penn State Fundraising Could Feel Sting of Scandal," by Ros Krasny, Reuters, November 11, 2011.
"More Foundations Hold 'Mission' Investments," Philanthropy Journal, November 9, 2011.
"Tax Rules Allow an Array of Givers to Be More Generous," by Jim M. Rosen, The New York Times, November 1, 2011.


"Finding Funding From Foundations: The Foundation Center," by Stephanie Gerding, TechSoup for Libraries Blog, October 31, 2011.
"Towards a More Powerful Collaboration," by Sarah Todd, Savannah Now, October 29, 2011.
"Roughly 1 in 7 Foundations Holds Mission Investments," by Nicole Wallace, The Giveaway Blog, The Chronicle of Philanthropy, October 27, 2011.
"Study: Foundations Using Investments to Further Their Causes," by Rob Kozlowski, Pensions & Investments, October, 26, 2011.
"Fundraising Climate Still Tough, Survey Finds," Philanthropy Journal, October 10, 2011.


"States' Budget Woes Cut Hole in Nonprofits, Foundation Center Finds," by Michael S. Fischer, AdvisorOne, September 20, 2011.
"Foundations Fear Recession, Double-Dip," by Mark Hrywna, The NonProfit Times, September 16, 2011.
"NPQ Readers Offer Advice to Council on Foundations on Picking Next CEO," by Rick Cohen, The Nonprofit Quarterly, September 16, 2011.
"8 Ways Tech-Based Foundations Are Changing Philanthropy," by Anne Nelson, PBS MediaShift, September 15, 2011.
"Foundation Leaders Say State Budget Cuts are Hurting Charities," by Suzanne Perry, The Chronicle of Philanthropy blog, September 15, 2011.
"Charitable Giving Trends in the Wake of 9/11 Full of Good Lessons and Bad," by Elizabeth Stuart, Deseret News, September 8, 2011.


"The State of Philanthropy," radio interview with Brad Smith, by Denver Frederick, The Business of Giving, WOR 710 AM, August 27, 2011.
"In Decade Since 9/11, Philanthropy Has Missed Some Key Opportunities," by Leslie Lenkowsky, The Chronicle of Philanthropy, August 21, 2011.
"Rural Causes Lack Support as Foundations Focus Resources Elsewhere," by Ben Gose, The Chronicle of Philanthropy, August 21, 2011.
"GOOD-Jumo Merger Shakes up Social Enterprise," by Rachel Signer, Dowser, August 19, 2011.
"Charitable Giving up in U.S. for First Time in 3 Years," by Terrie Morris Dayton Daily News, August 7, 2011.
"New York Teams Up With IBM to Reboot a High School," by Stephanie Banchero, The Wall Street Journal, August 1, 2011.


"9/11 Charities Look to Seize Rare Moment," by Melanie Grayce West, Wall Street Journal, July 20, 2011.
"Obama Seeks CEO Help for Schools," by Stephanie Banchero, Wall Street Journal, July 18, 2011.
"Grant Prospect Research Made Simple," by Kayt Peck, Suite101, July 10, 2011.
"Giving to Global Causes Grows," Philanthropy Journal, July 7, 2011.
"Bay Area Grantmakers Grow Fast," Philanthropy Journal, July 1, 2011.


"How to Start a Non-Profit, Part Three," by Steve Mariotti, Huffington Post, June 23, 2011.
"Can Impact Be Measured in Five Questions?," by Cheryl Chapman, Philanthropy UK, June 20, 2011.
"The Other America’s Philanthropy: What Giving USA Numbers Reveal in 2011," by Ruth McCambridge and Rick Cohen, The Nonprofit Quarterly, June 20, 2011.
"How To Perform Due Diligence As A Donor," by Betsy Brill, Forbes, June 15, 2011.
"Philanthropy Heard ‘Round the World," by Andrew Ho, RE: Philanthropy Blog, Council on Foundations, June 1, 2011.


"Economic-development Funding Up in Ohio," Philanthropy Journal, May 27, 2011.
"KC Foundation Tops Nation in Charitable Giving," by Diane Stafford, The Kansas City Star, May 20, 2011.
"Funding for Native Americans Dives," Philanthropy Journal, May 20, 2011.
"Advancing Transparency in Philanthropy," by Janet Camarena, Responsive Philanthropy, May 19, 2011.
"Global Grants for the Taking," Association and Non-Profit Bisnow, May 11, 2011.
"Managing Social Media at the Foundation Center," by Kivi Leroux Miller, Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog, May 10, 2011.
"Foundation Center — A Chat About Nonprofit Resources," by Barbara Talisman, Making A Difference Radio, May 3, 2011.


"Social-Justice Funding Totals $3.1 Billion," Philanthropy Journal, April 13, 2011.
"Foundation Giving Looking Up," Association and Non-Profit Bisnow, April 12, 2011.
"Foundation Giving Expected to Rise in 2011, Study Finds," by Peter Bolton, The Chronicle of Philanthropy, April 7, 2011.


"Fundraising Improving, But Gain Less Than Hoped," by Angela Mapes Turner, The Journal Gazette, March 27, 2011.
"Good Intention Not Enough to Run Charities: Experts," by Michelle Nichols, Reuters, March 25, 2011.
"Latest O'Keefe Video Focuses on Soros' Donations to NPR," by Mark Memmott, The Two-Way Blog, NPR, March 17, 2011.
"Quick, Free Way to Find Grants That Fit Your Nonprofit," by Sean Kushner, NonprofitCMS Blog, March 14, 2011.
"Top Ways to Keep Aid Donations Away From Scammers," Associated Press, March 14, 2011.


"Funding Medical and Scientific Research - too many strings attached?" AirTalk, KPCC Southern California Public Radio, February 23, 2011.
"No Surprises, Rural Philanthropy Still Lags Behind," by Rick Cohen, The Nonprofit Quarterly, February 22, 2011.
"The Next Evolution of GrantCraft," FORUM’S Forum Blog, Giving Forum, February 22, 2011.
"Foundations Getting More, Giving More," by Cornelius Frolik, Dayton Daily News, February 18, 2011.
"Giving by Family Funders Drops," Philanthropy Journal, February 14, 2011.
"Impact Assessment is Easy...If You Know Your Objectives," By Daniel González, Blog, February 3, 2011.


"My Best Advice About Nonprofit Fundraising," by Rosetta Thurman, Rosetta Thurman Blog, January 28, 2011.
"Business of Nonprofits: Finding revenue sources for your nonprofit," by Sarah Todd, Savannah Morning News, January 22, 2011.
"Com Foco Empresarial, Grupo de Billionários Redefine a Filantropia nos EUA," by Fernanda Godoy, O Globo, January 16, 2011.
"Community Newspaper Industry Support Companies," by Hu Yuan-hui and Luo Shihong, China Times, January 8, 2011.
"TechSoup Grant Series: Research Funders and Find Appropriate Grants," by Stephanie Gerding, TechSoup, January 4, 2011.
"The Carnegie Corporation Turns 100," by Leslie Lenkowsky, Philanthropy Magazine, January 1, 2011.


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